Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dog Everything

More west coast fun.  This report is long overdue.  One of the great things about my job is travel.  We've been fortunate to have assignments in great places.  And I would consider my coworkers friends as much or more than coworkers.  For this business trip we decided to do a different take on the spouse trip.  For this trip to the west coast we each took a sibling.  Here's mine...Chris....

I love Chris and had a blast hanging out with him for a week.  I also had a blast hanging out with Will's brother Koy and getting to know Dan's sister Suzie.  Life is too short to miss out on being with family....especially in beautiful places.  We started in Tacoma.

From Tacoma, we flew to San Francisco for another couple of meetings.  One afternoon we got a couple of good growlers from Marin Brewing and hiked up to one of the abandoned bunkers at the Marin Headlands.  A truly beautiful place so close to the city.  Will and Koy brought guitars and we had a little jam session in the bunker while the sun went down over the Pacific. 

Sunrise From Our SF Hotel Window
After our meetings we headed south to Santa Cruz, Monteray, Carmel, and Big Sur.  The farms along the way were incredible.  Rows and rows of good vegetables including lettuces, broccoli, and tons of artichokes.  All of the

It was a certainly a good week that included some much needed time with my bro and some good stories along the way.  I hope to get my youngest brother out for a trip next year.