Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here goes.

Decided to start a blog.  Not sure why.  I've always thought I'm not interesting enough for people follow me.  But perhaps by starting this, it will drive me to become interesting.  I believe I do interesting things so if you are reading this then it is ultimately your decision if you want to follow or not.  At least my mother will follow.  I think.

I ran today at Sweetwater SP mainly because I just wanted to get in the woods.  Also to do some recon for my next race.  The SweetH2O 50k.  I'm pretty familiar with the trails there, but there is a short section that I have not been on called Top Of The World.  Anyway, it was a great run.  Nobody was out there.  It was overcast and eventually started to rain.  Then thunder.  Then lighting.  It was surreal.  I love running in the rain especially in the forest.  I'm not sure why.  I think because it reminds me of backpacking and of growing up playing in the rain.  It is also empowering to know that very few would be out in it.

Anyway, I was still a little sore from the Publix Georgia Half Marathon last Sunday.  It was a PR effort at 1:20 flat and I came in 18th out of 10,700 or so.  I'm happy.

Until next time...