Monday, April 16, 2012

San Franciscan Envy!

Not sure what I've been doing for the last month, but it's not posting on this blog.  They say to have a successful blog you have to post often....oh well. 

I have been running though; basically to get ready for the Sweetwater 50k this weekend.  Last year I finished 5th in 4:46.  We'll see if I can improve this year.  But the real reason I want to go back is to do the original course including the river crossing that I missed out on last year.  It was too swift to cross last year. 

Last week I had another chance to run in the bay area - Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.   Views of the ocean over Half Moon Bay, big redwoods, lush forest, and solitude.  Just another killer place to run in the area.