Sunday, February 26, 2012

Working to Run

I had a couple of meetings on the West Coast last week so it was time to do some more exploring.  Dan, Will, and I started in Tacoma and ended up in San Francisco.  So we started off the week with of run around one of my favorites, Pt Defiance park in Tacoma.  They have a good mix of trail and road.  I have been hitting the trails more and more as I have become familiar with them.  They crisscross throughout a five mile road loop that is also spectacular to run.  On either the trails or road, you are immersed in giant spruces, ferns, and neon-green-moss. 

Then we went to the San Francisco Bay area for a new run, at Anthony Cabot Regional Park, and another familiar one, at Marin Headlands.  Anthony Cabot had a bit of everything; a lake, forested single track, creeks, rolling green hills, and long views.  Marin is also one of my favorite places in the country...I can't believe it is so close to San Francisco...and I rarely see anyone out there!  Here are the pictures.   I really makes me want to run Miwok 100k....maybe next year!

Anthony Cabot Regional Park

Marin Headlands

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