Saturday, July 21, 2012

One Week to Wonderland

On Thursday, I'll kiss my family goodbye at the trailhead and step out to run around the most prominent mountain in the contiguous United States....Mt Rainier. The Wonderland Tail is a spectacular long distance trail, according to folks who've been there.  So I hope to run the 93 miles in three days. 

I'll set out each day with some water, enough food for a day, my camera, and my thoughts.  My crew (my family) will be waiting for me at the other end each day with our tent, some better food, and a couple of beers.  Not bad.  It'll go down as follows...

Day 1: White River to Cougar Rock - 30 miles / 6,050 ft El Gain
Day 2: Cougar Rock to Mowich Lake - 35 miles / 10,500 ft El Gain
Day 3: Mowich Lake to White River - 26 miles / 6,200 ft El Gain

I'm looking forward to trekking in the middle of some beautiful country each day.  I have no idea how my body will respond to big miles on consecutive days, so I'll have to focus on recovery each night.  After Wonderland we are going to go relax and truly recover on San Juan Island for a couple of days. We are all super excited! I'll take some pictures and post when I'm done!

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