Friday, December 2, 2011

Next Steps

First, here is a video that I just finished from the grand canyon run.  Pretty cool me thinks....

Ok.  Movin' on.  Next steps.  They say runners have short memories.  It's funny how true that is.  As I was suffering through the final climb of the canyon, I was thinking that I might not run the Lookout Mountain 50 Mile race that I have already signed up for.  I was nervous about my level of fitness and recovery of my legs.  Now I am in a completely different mindset.  First of all, I just can't conceive of not starting a race that I signed up for.  But second, I am excited about it.  Although my training has been a little unconventional for me, I think I might be able to recover ok with 3 weeks to go.  And it looks like a super fun and beautiful race back in the mountains of the South.  

I'm just now completely getting over the soreness of the canyon run.  I'm not sure if it's just me but my legs take almost a week and a have to recover from big efforts like this.  I never seem to read about folks having problems with recovery and soreness after races on all of the running blogs....what gives??  Anyway, I am completely excited to be back in the groove again!

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