Thursday, April 28, 2011

Darn Tough Vermont!

I have some exciting news!  I reached out to a small group of potential sponsors since I've had a couple of good seasons.   I decided I would only approach the product companies that I currently use and believe in.  By now, I've tried most of the running and trail running products out there, so I know what I like, I know what lasts, I know what performs well for me, and I know who generally strives for environmental sustainability in there products.  So basically I'm just tryin to keep it real and keep it fun with this sponsorship thing.

Given all of that, the first partnership out of the gate is Darn Tough Vermont, maker of my absolute favorite running, biking socks, and hiking socks!  I know socks are a very personal thing and I like thin wool or cool max because the don't crowd my feet and they dry well when slogging through creeks or rain.  Darn Tough makes a bunch of different socks for a bunch of different purposes.  They are the only socks I buy now and I go out of my way to make sure I have a clean pair for big training and racing days.  I've also been known to sort through the dirty laundry for a pair if I'm desperate!  Ya'll should give em a try if you haven't already.

I'm gonna post soon about some recent training and upcoming plans. 
Work hard play hard everyone!

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